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Georgie helps you find the right car and saves you thousands.

Better buying

Georgie takes the day to day stresses out of car shopping. We listen to your needs and negotiate on your behalf to find the best car at the right price. Check out how you can compare, test, and save.

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6 Georgie services for Better Car Buying

Claim back your weekends. We'll crunch the numbers and haggle on your behalf.
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Fleet buying power

We buy over 100,000 vehicles per year. Thanks to the bulk buying power of our parent company, the experience of our team, we can save you some serious money.


Negotiation & sourcing services

We handle absolutely everything. Not sure what you want or how much you should be paying? Get a Georgie professional on your side today.


Test drives at home or work

Rather than wasting days hopping from dealership to dealership, we can bring the car to you to test drive in your own time.


Multi-brand review sites

We’ve independently reviewed the most popular models, across multiple brands so you don’t have too. Relax and compare all the different cars you are considering.


Home delivery

Once you’ve purchased, we go the extra mile. Georgie will bring your new car to you so you don’t even have to step foot in a dealership.

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Independent Advice

Powered by one of Australia's largest car buying and leasing companies, means our brokers have no ties to any brands or manufacturers. We make recommendations based on what's best for you.

Get financed and get on the road with Georgie

With access to a wide range of reputable lenders, we could help you obtain finance for your next car. Ask our team about finance options today.

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