Isuzu MU-X

Starting price $41,800
Georgie savings $2,299 - $5,891


If you want an SUV thatís not a Toyota but is just as renowned for reliable the Isuzu MU-X could be the family rig you need. A gutsy turbo-diesel engine and a playful chassis means even though this is a more-than-capable off-roader, itís also a great car for running errands in and around the suburbs. You get five-star safety, as well as a five-year warranty. If youíre keen on hitting some bush trails go for the 4x4 model, but if youíre simply after an SUV for its space and ride comfort then save yourself a few bucks as rear-wheel-drive will do the job just fine. Life on the road is made easy with lots of space inside and a comfortable, durable interior thatíll deal with the best product testers of all - kids.



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