Hyundai iLoad

Starting price $38,790
Georgie savings $2,243 - $4,817


It only takes one look around when youíre on the freeway at 6am to see how popular the iLoad has become. Tradies and small-to-medium business owners canít get enough of them. The Hyundai iLoad comes standard with a bench seat fit to fit three, best in class towing capacity, dual sliding doors, and a capped-price service program for the life of the vehicle. Hyundai doesnít bother with offering a long-wheelbase option, nor does it offer a raised roof version. The iLoad comes in one size only. And while it does look big, itís actually got less measurable cargo area than at least four of its segment rivals. The one thing the iLoad does offer is a car-like driving position, lots of grunt from its 2.5-litre turbo-diesel engine, and excellent warranty. A real contender if you want a gutsy, reliable van for work.


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