Hyundai i40

Starting price $33,090
Georgie savings $1,985 - $4,934


The Hyundai i40 proves you donít have to jump into an SUV to move the family around. Hyundaiís been building commendable cars for some years now, and this is one of their best. With two variants on offer, the i40 manages to undercut a lot of its competitors in the price wars game. One of the best things about the i40 is just how comfortable it is. Thereís loads of leg room in the back, and because the i40 is only available as a station wagon it means you can pick up that new microwave you need on the way home from work. Safety is aplenty and so is convenience, with cool features such as keyless entry and front and rear parking sensors. The i40 is also backed by Hyundaiís five-year unlimited kilometre warranty - now thatís peace of mind.


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