Ford Mustang

Starting price $45,990
Georgie savings $2,529 - $6,299


Itís been a while since Ford Australia offered the Mustang. Decades, actually. But now itís back and boy has it been a success. Relaunched in Australia in 2015 as part of Fordís global plan, the American muscle car has become the best-selling sports car on the Aussie market. We just canít get enough of them. In fact, there have been periods where Ford production couldnít keep up with the give-me-more demand of local buyers. You can get it with a peppy turbo four-cylinder, or, what most people go for, a macho 5.0-litre V8. Either way youíre left with a dynamic, fun, and drop-dead stunning driverís car thatís perfect for almost any occasion.


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