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Dreaming of your next car?

Search through cars that have features to match your lifestyle needs and the values you hold dear like style, safety, space, environment.


Who doesn’t like the bells and whistles.

more servicing inclusions card

Think economically for the long term with extended warranties and unlimited km servicing.

powerful sound system card

Take your listening experience to the next level with a superior sound system.


Rest easier knowing you’ve got a car with plenty of safety features.

P-Plate Legal card

Passed the test, now it’s time to find the right, first car for you.

Is your motto (or your mum’s) ‘safety first’? Accidents happen, it’s a fact of life.


No need to squeeze, there’s room for (almost) everything.

back seat war prevention card

Sick of the kids fighting? Keep the peace with a little more elbow room.

comfortable if over 180cm card

Taller than the average Joe? Need more leg room?  Then these cars are for you.

Feature fits 3 car seats in the back

Easy peasy, not so squeezy. These vehicles can accomodate 3 car seats in the back.

fits 5 comfortably card
Always rolling with your family or squad? These cars are comfy for 5 or more!
Feature fits 7 comfortably card

Growing family, lots of friends, or just like the idea of more space?

will fit small garage card

Every shiny new car deserves its own home, no matter how small.

shorter people see over the bonnet card

Shorter people can get the full picture and see the road ahead with these picks


Whether you’re after something sexy and fun to suit your single life or a good-looking SUV for the family, we know looks matter.

not everyone has one card
Are most cars ‘too mainstream’ for you? These rarities might just be what you’re looking for.
style without the price tag card
Savvy shoppers know style doesn’t have to be expensive.

Under the hood

Looking for more power or maybe you want to reduce your environmental footprint, we know substance matters.

electric card
Quiet, quick, battery powered and environmentally friendly.
fuel efficient card

Visit the Service Station less often and travel more kilometres on a single tank.

good for the environment card

Plung into a greener future. Green is the new black.

pulling power card
Put the cart before the horse with these top towing suggestions.
hybrid card

Get the best of both worlds. Petrol meets electric in these picks.

off road card
If road trips and off-road adventures are your thing, you’ll love these beauties!
power under the bonnet card

Start your engine and show me what's under the hood.

sounds powerful whislt idling card

Turn heads (and ears), sound and power are the name of this game.