Review - Audi S3

April 07, 2021

image for Review - Audi S3 The Audi S3 might just be the smartest and most practical compact performance car money can buy. With looks to die for, a stimulating interior and epic performance, read on to see if the S3 could be your next ride.

Nothing but the best

From the outside, the S3 is chiselled and understated, but with a subtle hint of menace emanating from the headlights and grille, as well as the optional turbine 5 spoke alloys.

It just sits on the road perfectly, with the quad exhaust tips, rear diffuser, pumped guards and lip spoiler all giving clues to the beast within. Audi's nifty LED indicators are the best in the business.

Pull open the doors to the jet-like cabin and it's here you're reminded of what Audi do best: interiors.  
Everything you dare to touch feels premium. The seats are adjustable in ways you never thought possible, making a comfortable driving position possible for anyone. Once settled in, you can appreciate the technology including a pop-up screen and a touch pad that can control it- even recognising handwriting with your finger.

Every switch feels so good you'll want to press them for the sake of it. The air vent mechanism feels like an expanding sphere toy, for example. The Virtual Cockpit instrument screen is a marvel of high-definition precision. It is totally customisable and very futuristic. This is all technology that enhances the experience without complicating it.

If you feel like cruising and soaking up the luxury, you can switch from Dynamic mode to Normal and enjoy the precision of a true German sports car.  It is available as a sedan, a Sportback 5-door hatch, as well as a trendy convertible. 

A true fun machine

It's when you launch the S3 that it really digs its claws into the road and catapults you into the horizon, however. A measured 0-100km/h time of 4.79-seconds embarrasses many V8s. The turbo four-cylinder engine and dual-clutch gearbox (manual optional) team up with quattro all-wheel drive to deliver heart-stopping performance.

Until now, that kind of performance was only available with a massive thirst. An official fuel consumption rating of 6.5L/100km (8.0L/100km tested) is less than half of what a V8 with comparable performance will slurp.

When a twisty road beckons, the Audi S3 proves its not a stodgy, snooty luxury car, but shows its playful side thanks to all-wheel drive grip and phenomenal handling.


Our verdict

When you start to look at the performance, quality, handling and aesthetics of the Audi A3, the $64,500 starting price starts to look truly astonishing. Never before has true German performance been so attainable. Check out how our experts can help you get behind the wheel today.

5 specs you need to know

  1. Engine: 2.0-litre TFSI turbo engine.
  2. Transmission and drive:Six-speed manual transmission or Seven-speed dual-clutch auto
  3. ANCAP rating: 5 stars
  4. Official fuel economy:6.5L/100km.(8.0L/100km tested)
  5. Time from 0-100km/h as tested: 4.79 seconds.


  • Staggering performance
  • Handsome German looks
  • Amazing interior loaded with useful technology
  • Excellent value for money


  • Dark interior colours might not appeal to everyone
  • Ride might be too firm for some

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